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Brompton and CHPT3 offer new lightweight collaboration

Joe Robinson
11 Feb 2019

Redesigned parts and lightweight components for more versatile option

Folding bike expert Brompton has again teamed up with former pro David Millar and his CHPT3 brand to create a new, special-edition lightweight Brompton X CHPT3 bike that weighs just 10.3kg. 

While the original Millar-inspired Brompton was already known for style and substance, this 2019 model has added weight-reduction to its points of importance with a substantial design overhaul that has trimmed 200g off its predecessor and is 700g lighter than Brompton's superlight Black Edition.

Brompton has opted for machined hinge clamps and refined seatpost quick-release with a uniquely-designed Fabric Scoop saddle with titanium rails for added performance and weight-saving benefits.

The saddle has also been etched with a Devesa print, a nod to CHPT3's home town of Girona.

Fabric also provides its slim dual texture kraton rubber handlebar grips while Scwalble's updated One 35mm tanwall tyres maintain the bike's traditionally stylish look. 

Millar's own race-tuned suspension block has also been updated to offer a firmer, faster ride while this limited-edition bike will only be offered in the more aerodynamic s-type handlebar shape. 

The bike is also only available in a six speed option, which further helps its push to become a bike designed to cover further distances and more challenging terrain.

The red through to black paint scheme remains as does the lofty price tag, which is now £1,990, although Brompton's CEO Will Butler-Adams believes this could be Brompton's most versatile bike yet.

'With the Brompton X CHPT3 we wanted to encourage those who climb hills and cover distance at the weekend to keep riding during the week, with a performance bike that fits into the urban world in which so many of us live,' said Butler-Adams.

'We achieved this and with the insight of David Millar and the CHPT3 team the Brompton X CHPT3 has evolved.

'We wanted to create something unique, not as a vanity project to sit in a museum but something that people really want to ride and that appeals to all cyclists, even ex-pro racers! The new Brompton X CHPT3 we feel does just that.'

This range will be limited to 1,000 units and is set to be sold both through Brompton and Evans Cycles.