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Comment: Pro kits you should wear

Joe Robinson
15 Feb 2019

Six of the best pro kits that you should proudly own

Thanks to Rob Whittle's divisive 'In defence of wearing pro kit' article, it seems that many of our readers have come to the decision that wearing the jerseys of your favourite pro rider is really not that bad as others might think. After all, it is just cycling.

Ok, as the various social media comments suggest maybe we haven't reached full agreement on this, but there has definitely been a turn in the tide with many more of us perfectly willing to pull on the same jersey as Chris Froome or Peter Sagan to join the club ride on a weekend than there were before.

Remember, this all hinges on the much-peddled rule from the Velominati that states 'wearing pro team kit is also questionable if you're not paid to wear it', something that many have hung their hat on when berating fellow cyclists on the road.

Anyway, some (but by no means all) of us here at Cyclist HQ have decided Rob's right and that it's high time for us to embrace wearing pro kit like true fans. Below are six of the best from recent years that we suggest you get buying.

1. Trek-Segafredo women's 2019

This is the best pro cycling jersey, men or women, in the world right now. It's properly stylish, combining excellent colour combinations while staying simple yet complex.

A perfect first attempt for a team in its first year, bravo, bravo. And just because it's a women's team doesn't mean us men cannot wear it, ok?

2. Team Europcar 2012

These were the days. Europcar with Voeckler and Rolland trading punches with the big boys at the Tour de France. Wearing yellow for days on end, making a nuisance of the established order. Shouting at things for no reason. 

Remember how Tommy fist-pumped on top of the Galibier after he retained the Tour race in 2011. Proper racing that was. Who wouldn't want to wear a Europcar kit?

3. Education First 2019

Very telling correlation between those pro kit wearing naysayers and their brand preferences in our comments yesterday. Very telling.

Luckily for those, even the coolest brands in the playground are involved with supplying kit to the pros these days so you can combine dressing in Rapha and Castelli and looking like you're part of the pro peloton.

I'd recommend you start with the Education First kit made by Rapha. It's far-out and also had a bucket hat as part of its range.

4. Euskadi Basque Country-Murias 2017

Yeah, that's me, a fully-fledged cycling journalist in pro team kit. What you gonna do about it? I'm even on a matching Orbea with a mismatched Caja-Rural bottle just to wind people up. 

I don't care. It's just me showing my support to a fledgling team from an area that's as passionate about cycling as anywhere else yet has fallen on hard times since Euskadi-Euskatel folded.

5. W52-FC Porto

Two things. Firstly, this is based upon the football team of the same name, Porto FC, which is kind of cool. Secondly, this is an incredibly niche yet stylish option.

If you wear this on the club run, I can almost guarantee that you will see not another soul in this jersey and when worn in summer it will look incredible with a tan.

6. Canyon-Sram 2018

Women's team kits are better than the men's, aren't they. Look how good this is. It's got a similar feel to the Trek-Segafredo number above but with fewer sponsors and a more relaxed attitude to colour.

It's stayed pretty much the same now for a few seasons and you can understand why. It's a modern-day classic and thankfully Rapha also sells it in a men's cut.