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Castelli collaborates with American brand Supreme for 2019

The collection includes three jerseys and three caps and we guarantee your teenage kid will ask for it

Joe Robinson
25 Feb 2019

Supreme – that brand you son or daughter keeps asking for on their birthdays, the one that when you see the price you say 'how much?' – has teamed up with Castelli to release a limited edition range of jerseys and caps.

Supreme is the brand that people wear to be noticed on social media. Its iconic red rectangle has been worn by Drake, Kendall Jenner, Travis Scott and basically anybody you could possibly namecheck to your teenage child to look in the know.

The Americans are serial collaborators, having in the past worked with everyone from Vans to Louis Vuitton, North Face to Stone Island. Those who are regular wearers of the brand are also often called 'HYPEBEASTS', a term used for people who wear brands that have been 'hyped up' on the internet.

Rather than be worn until tatty and torn, most Supreme limited edition wear tends to end up in a tidy vacuum-sealed bag until sold out. That's because more often than not, the collection appreciates in price with keen fashionistas willing to sell their soul for the rare and the cool.

This particular collection will offer three, full-zip polyester cycling jerseys in three colours – green, red and baby blue. Each will be adorned with a big Supreme logo across the chest and Castelli's scorpion on the left breast.

There are also matching 'Rosso Corsa' caps that include the word 'Supreme' on the underside of the peak and the Castelli logo on the front. 

No doubt this collection will provide that much sought-after bridge between the middle-aged MAMIL on his Sunday club run and his 17-year-old son who keeps his ear firmly planted to the ground for that latest Jimothy Lacoste* mixtape.

Cyclist contacted UK distributor's of Castelli, Saddleback, for further information on the range but it had none, suggesting the range is coming completely from Supreme.

There are no prices yet but expect the range to be between the horrifically and astronomically expensive marks. 

It does seem as if your Vegard Stake Laengens and Ignatas Konovalovas's are becoming quite the style icons of late.

Alongside this Supreme/Castelli drop, the likes of Kim Kardashian have been caught sporting Oakley Jawbreakers while her hip-hop giant husband Kanye West has been known to layer up with a 2008 Team Colombia-Highroad training fleece.

You can also buy a Education First bucket hat from Rapha these days.

If unsure who Jimothy Lacoste is, click here. It's what all the cool kids are listening to or so I'm told.

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