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Hunt sets Arenberg KOM to launch new wheelset

Limitless Aero Disc has been optimised for tubeless 28mm tyres

Joe Robinson
9 Apr 2019

Hunt has released the Hunt 48 Limitless Aero disc, an aerodynamic, disc-only 28mm tyre-optimised wheelset that has taken real-world testing to the next level by setting the Strava King of the Mountain on the treacherous Trouée d'Arenberg Paris-Roubaix cobbled sectuer.

The new wheelset from the British-based brand is part of its new 'Limitless Research' range which Hunt hopes will 'push the boundaries on what is possible' in wheel technology.

Key to this was the acquiring of wheel engineering expert Luisa Grappone, who embarked on an 18-month period of wind-tunnel and real-world testing which included taking the new wheelset to the pavè of northern France.

The 48 Limitless wheels were developed with tyre brand Schwalbe with a profile optimised for Schwalbe's Pro One 28mm tubeless. The internal rim width of 22.5mm is consideraly larger than most contemporary rim designs (which sit at around 19mm), so will better support wider tyres. Wider tyres have been shown to promote better grip and can be run at lower pressures, reducing rolling resistance and improving comfort.

Despite the increased width of the rims, overall weight has been kept down to 1,600g for the set without a cassette.

'We use a non-structural, low density expanding polymer insert inside a channel carved out during the pre-preg construction of the wheels,' says Ollie Gray, Hunt's road product manager. 'That is bonded to the carbon during the curing process, resulting in an exceptionally strong bond. The density of carbon is 1.6g per cubic centimetre, whereas the polymer insert weighs just 0.6g per cubic centimetre, resulting in a mass loss of just over 50g per rim.'

Hunt's goal of making the world's fastest wheels with 28mm tyres ultimately led to a trip across the English Channel to a road in which grip, speed and comfort are paramount, the Arenberg Trench.

As part of its real-life testing, Hunt had Canyon DHB's Alex Paton slot a set of 48 Limitless wheels into his team-issue Canyon Aeroad and ride the 2.5km section of cobbled hell that is so often the touchpaper for action at Paris-Roubaix.

Hammering the cobbles as hard as he could, Paton managed to set a new Strava KOM of 2 minutes 50 seconds for the 2.25km section of road, averaging a mighty 47.7kmh and seeing him knock 10 seconds off the existing KOM.

The full video will be released on Friday 12th April but, in the meantime, here is the trailer.

As for consumers interested in the wheels, technically the 48 Limitless Aero Discs are still in the testing phase although Hunt reckons it will be ready to launch by mid-June, by which time prices and full specs will be released.

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