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Pinarello launches first electronic full suspension road bike, Dogma FS

Joe Robinson
11 Apr 2019

Team Sky set to race new front fork suspension endurance Pinarello at Paris-Roubaix this Sunday

It has been four years since Pinarello launched its Dogma K8s to much fanfare at Paris-Roubaix in 2014, and it was the Italian brand's first bike to feature the rear suspension system, called DSS 1.0.

Built into bikes carbon fibre flexible rear stays, it offered some vertical travel at the rear of the bike to provide a more comfortable ride for the professionals on the cobbles of northern Europe. For average consumers, it promised a smoother ride than Pinarello's stiff, racey F8.

Fast forward three years and Pinarello had launched the Dogma K10s disc. A progression from the K8s, the DSS system had now become fully electronic, controlled via a button on the downtube, allowing the rider a degree of choice in the suspension from a full 20mm travel to nothing at all.

Automatically controlled by gyroscopes in the downtube, Pinarello claimed the system could react to the road surface and provide the amount of travel needed to make for a better ride.

Now, Pinarello has gone a step further and developed the Dogma FS, the world's first electronically controlled full suspension road bike.

Indeed, unlike the K10S the FS offers not only an electronic rear-suspension unit but also a front suspension system - offering a holistic suspension system for the frame.

Front up

It’s at the front of the bike where all the major changes have been made.

To incorporate the electronic front suspension, Pinarello has widened the frame’s headtube to house the system, centred around a coiled spring bedded into a hydraulic system.

Fully adjustable for a switch on the bike’s downtube, you can adjust the suspension to offer up to 20mm of full dampening for the very bumpy surfaces - like Roubaix cobbles or even gravel tracks - or keep it fully locked when riding on smoother tarmac.

Pinarello claims that the DSAS system will automatically adjust to the roughness of the road without rider input, based on sensors within the frame.

The fork of the bike has also been redesigned in order to work with the system with rake being slightly reduced to ensure better force transmission.

This will partner with the already-existing rear suspension that will give riders the options of 11mm of travel to nothing at all, again operated through a hydraulic system that can be controlled via the interface in the bike’s downtube.

The entire system is controlled via a LiPo battery pack slotted into the bikes seattube that allows manual control or uses its own algorithms to control the suspension automatically if you so choose.

Pinarello claims that with the introduction of a front suspension with the existing rear option and therefore a smoother ride, the new Dogma FS will actually increase the bike’s speed over rougher surfaces.

It claims that because of ‘increased traction in the rear and stability in the front, overall the bike becomes more efficient’. Pinarello argues that the automated system can absorb, on average 42%, of vibrations coming from the road, peaking at 60% when riding at higher speeds.

In real terms, Pinarello believes that the new Dogma FS could show a 9.67% gain in speed compared to a normal road bike on the notorious Carrefour de l’Arbre pave secteur at Paris-Roubaix.

This equated to a claimed 15 second difference when covering the 2.5km section of road that will feature in this Sunday’s race.

To put the stats to the greatest test, Pinarello will be debuted by Team Sky at Paris-Roubaix this weekend with Fausto Pinarello, himself, believing the bike could make a real difference.

‘The Paris-Roubaix is absolutely the race where the bike can take on a decisive role for victory or defeat,’ said Pinarello.

‘A gruelling race where everything is played on the deadly stretches of cobblestones, where the control of the bike is crucial. DOGMA FS represents the perfect combination between the best road frame on the market today and the best electronic technology at the service of a bicycle.

‘The tests in the laboratory and then on the road with Team Sky leave no doubt, Dogma FS is able to make a difference on this terrain, then as always sport teaches us, we need a bit of luck.’

Team Sky’s squad of seven are all likely to ride the new Dogma FS this weekend, Luke Rowe having already been confirmed, but when can we expect to see it on the shelf?

Well, that’s unclear. Pinarello issued no hint at a price or when the bike could be purchased although it did confirm it will come in a limited choice of four sizes (53-75.5).

It will also have a maximum tyre clearance of 28mm. With no disc option ready (interestingly Team Sky are one of a very few number of WorldTour teams yet to convert to discs), any ideas into converting this into a gravel bike will need to be put on hold.

Keep an eye out for the Team Sky riders this Sunday as it will be interesting to see if they all opt for the Dogma FS and whether Pinarello's newest bike will be able to reverse their frankly dismal record on the roads of Roubaix. 

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