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Coffee 'not essential for life' announces Swiss government

Joe Robinson
12 Apr 2019

Stockpiling of product set to end by 2022 despite backlash

The likes of Fabian Cancellara, Tony Rominger and Alex Zulle could be forced into a nationwide protest on behalf of all Swiss cyclists after their government announced plans to end its stockpiling of coffee.

The landlocked European nation had been storing large reserves of coffee – just in case – since before the Second World War but has now decided to cease the operation commenting that coffee is 'not essential' for human survival, as reported by the BBC.

Switzerland currently has 15,300 tonnes of coffee beans stored in a secret location, enough to last the entire country for three months.

However, the nation's government has agreed a plan to stop the stockpiling by the end of 2022. The proposal will now be put in front of public consultation with a final decision expected to be made in November.

Switzerland's Federal Office for National Economic Supply said in a comment, 'Coffee contains almost no calories and therefore does not contribute, from the physiological perspective, to safeguarding nutrition.'

Calories or no, the Swiss are big coffee drinkers with an average consumption of 9kg a year per person, almost three times the UK average of 3.3kg.

Understandably, the announcement wasn't met with universal appreciation – one comment on Twitter went as far as to call it 'the worst example of fake news'.

Reservesuisse, the company charged with managing the stockpiling of food in Switzerland, revealed that 12 of the 15 companies stockpiling coffee do not agree with the changes commenting that the 'weighting of calories as the main criteria for a vital staple did not do justice to coffee'.

If the stockpiling was to stop, the community likely to be hit hardest is the humble cyclist. A being that almost solely lives off of the hot, rich cup of caffeine. 

Luckily, however, a place where coffee stockpiling will not be taking place is in the Cyclist shop.

Made from a 100% pure Colombian arabica bean that holds notes of toffee, apple and blackcurrant through a complex body that gives a rich dark chocolate finish, it is priced at £5 for a bag.

Postage to Switzerland can be arranged.

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