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Watch: Rider almost floored by race motorbike

Joe Robinson
18 Apr 2019

Liane Lippert manages to avoid a big collision with a race motorbike that swerved in her direction

While Mathieu van der Poel's dominant ride in the men's race will be capturing most of the headlines, it was an incident in the women's Brabanse Pijl that provided more shocking scenes.

Television cameras caught the moment that a race motorbike almost collided with German rider Liane Lippert.

The Team Sunweb rider escaped the front of the peloton as they climbed Lotsestraat with 117km remaining. Head down, the 21-year-old rider was navigating the twisting climb out of the saddle crafting a gap thanks to her efforts.

These efforts proved a lost cause as Lippert was forced into action to avoid a race motorbike that swerved across her line and directly into her path.  

The moto pushed Lippert into the gutter but fortunately, she showed good reactions and bike handling skills to avoid hitting the ground.

Naturally Lippert was less than pleased, screaming out at the driver before gesticulating in disgust at the situation.

Thankfully, Lippert, while shaken, managed to recover and finish the race in 13th, over two minutes adrift of eventual winner Sofie De Vuyst.

Of course, the actions of the moto were not intentional and despite their vast experience, human error does exist in the motorbike drivers although it does show the fragility of the riders and risks that exist.

A race motorbike collided with Stg Broeckx at the 2016 Tour of Belgium. The Lotto-Soudal rider was put into a coma following severe brain injuries. Doctors speculated the Belgian would not make a full recovery yet remarkably Broeckx has been able to start riding his bike less than three years on from the incident.