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Garmin releases new Edge 530 and 830 with ClimbPro feature

Joe Robinson
24 Apr 2019

With a claimed 20-hour battery life, ClimbPro and improved navigation, Garmin overhauls Edge range

Garmin has launched two new cycling GPS computers, the Edge 530 and Edge 820, that promise improved navigation, more detailed rider data and Garmin's new exciting application ClimbPro.

Realistically, there is a lot of carry-over from the existing Edge 520 and Edge 830, however Garmin's vice president of consumer sales, Dan Bartel, has claimed that 'new ride data and guidance, navigational enhancements, safety and tracking features' will make the latest products suitable for all disciplines of riding.

Both new computers will integrate Garmin's new ClimbPro feature, something first seen on its high-end Marq smartwatch back in February.

When riding a pre-downloaded course, the new app will be able to relay live data from climbs to the unit telling you vital details such as remaining ascent, average gradient and even a gradient map so you can keep track of sudden gradient rises or mid-climb flats and descents. 

For those Strava KoM hunters, this new app could be pivotal in gauging your effort perfectly on a climb while it could also prove useful for casual riders who are out riding new climbs for the first time.

Aiding performance

Another new feature will be the ability for the Edge computers to instruct you on when is best to hydrate and refuel.

When linked to a heart rate monitor, using body biometrics, your Garmin will monitor how your body is dealing with different heat and altitude acclimation and will instruct you on how far you should push your effort, too.

Onboard, both the Edge 530 and 830 will also store up to four weeks' worth of data based on low aerobic, high aerobic and anaerobic efforts to help structure training while also relaying onboard power curve data when linked to a power metre.

Carried over from the previous generations will also be the ability to sync your Garmin with third-party training software like TrainingPeaks in order to have pre-loaded training rides at the click of a button.

In terms of navigation, the Edge 830 will allow riders the chance to plan and map routes while also linking with previous rider data to help suggest the best-ridden roads, gravel tracks and trails in the local area if you're after some new roads.

Both units will provide alerts for sharp curves or tricky descents and also the GPS capability to guide riders back to a pre-selected route if they stray off course.

Garmin has also included built-in tracking to the units to notify group rides of a rider that may have found themselves separated from the bunch with the ultimate emergency measure of a tracker that notifies pre-determined contacts of their location if the rider is in trouble.

Even further on safety, the Garmin Varia lights will also be compatible with the new units and both will implement a pin-protected bike alarm linked to a smartphone if the unit is removed from the bike.

The Edge 530 will remain compact with a 2.6in screen while the Edge 830 will utilise a touchscreen that Garmin claims can be used with gloves and in the wet.

Both units have a claimed battery life of 20 hours with GPs which, if true, will be pretty impressive. 

Available now, the Edge 530 and 830 will come in a variety of options and bundles with prices ranging from £259.99 to £429.99.

Check back for full reviews over the coming months.

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