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Pinarello launches new F12 and F12 Disk bikes

1 May 2019

Pinarello claims the new bikes are faster and stiffer than the outgoing F10 models

Pinarello’s Dogma series is arguably the most well-recognised range of bikes in the last decade so any update tends to make people sit up and take notice.

The latest revisions, the Pinarello Dogma F12 and F12 Disk, see the frame become moreshapely than the F8 and F10 editions of the design, harking back to the wavy fork and seatstays of earlier Dogmas, such as the 65.1 that Sir Bradley Wiggins famously rode to Tour de France victory in 2012.

Pinarello says the changes in tube profiles through the frame have had the cumulative effect of making the F12 faster. The Italian bike maker is claiming a drag reduction of 7.3%, which apparently translates into a saving of 8 watts at 40kmh.

The Dogma has never been known as lacking in the efficiency stakes but Pinarello claims further stiffness improvements over previous models, courtesy of a substantial redesign of the chainstays.

‘The new cross section in combination with Torayca 1100 1K, the best carbon fibre available, ensures an improvement in lateral stiffness by 10%,’ the brand says.

Notably the new Pinarello Dogma F12 also incorporates fully internally routed cables, which is a trend introduced by many competitors subsequent to the launch of Pinarello’s last F10 design in order to improve aerodynamics. In fact the cockpit has undergone a host of changes in serviceability, ergonomics and performance.

‘The PinaLab developed a specific handlebar and headset design that enables correct cable functionality and allows integration of all possible brake & gear combinations (disc or rim; mechanical or electronic),' the brand explains.

‘The new integrated handlebar, the Most Talon Ultra, is 10.3% lighter, 8.6% stiffer and 5% more aerodynamically efficient compared to the Most Talon Aero, the bar combo currently used by Team Sky,’ Pinarello adds.

Team Sky will race the bikes for the first time at the Tour de Yorkshire under their new guise of Team Ineos, and obviously key riders (Chris Froome among them) have been recorded as being full of praise for the new design.

A sample of the F12 is on its way to Cyclist as we write this, so look out for further coverage of the new bike online soon and a full review in Cyclist, which you can subscribe to here.