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Ampler to give riders a free bike if they cover a 1,000km test ride

The brand will also provide you accommodation and support along the route

Joe Robinson
16 May 2019

When Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson sang the lyrics 'the best things in life are free', in their Grammy-nominated 1992 hit of the same name, the soulful duo was not talking about the relationship of Damon Waynes and Stacey Dash from the film Mo' Money, for which the song was written.

No, Luth and Jan were probably talking about the latest challenge from Ampler that could see you taking home one of its urban e-bikes for free.

For a second year running, the modest Estonian company will give riders one of its models for free to anybody who is willing to ride a 1,000km tour on that bike.

It stems from the first-ever Ampler Challenge in July 2018 when Alain Buffing from the Netherlands took an Ampler e-bike on an 800km trip from Amsterdam to Berlin in six days.

Buffing managed the trip without any prior preparations which Ampler believes helps 'showcase that electric bikes take away both physical and mental barriers from cycling - and that anyone can do it.'

The entire challenge is an attempt by Ampler to show people how e-bikes can break down potential barriers presented by cycling and how it can help our environment.

As the brand points out in its press release, 'riding an electric bike results in a 12x reduction in CO2 emissions per kilometre compared to a passenger car (22 g/km vs. 271 g/km),' while also removing potential worries such as steep hills and long distances thanks to the concealed motor.

Ampler says that the challenge is open to anybody as long as you submit your application before 26th May. In order to apply, each applicant will have to plan a route up to 1,000km on either Komoot, Strava or Google Maps that is entirely in Europe, providing a link to Ampler.

Then, you will need to write a short overview about yourself and why you want to take on the challenge while also picking the Ampler bike that you would like to use for the journey.

Ampler will then pick the lucky applicants, providing them with a bike to take on the ride. Even better, the brand will also provide you with accommodation along the route and support.

When the challenge is complete, if you like the bike, Ampler will then let you keep the bike for free. If you don't mind ride 1,000km for a free bike then visit the Ampler website for more details here.

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