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Watch: Spectator throws bike in front of Giro d'Italia

Video shows spectator leaving bike in path of race almost causing crash

Joe Robinson
30 May 2019

The breakaway on Stage 18 of the Giro d'Italia narrowly avoided a high-speed pile-up after a spectator threw a broken bike into their path.

The three leaders, including eventual stage winner Davide Cima, were heading through the town of Conegliano with 61km left to race when television cameras caught a broken bike discarded in the road.

The television footage showed a man wearing a hoodie walking away from the bike as another spectator raced across the road to clear the obstruction. Luckily, the break managed to navigate their way around safely and the road was fully cleared before the peloton arrived two minutes later.

Subsequently, roadside footage has been posted to social media by Education First rider Sacha Modolo showing the man leaving the bike in the road.

As can be seen in the video, the hooded assailant waits until the final commissaire's car passes before entering the road, throwing the bike onto the ground, with its front wheel coming loose on impact and landing away from the frame.

The man then immediately turns around leaving the bike in the path of the rapidly approaching riders. Thankfully, a quick-thinking spectator from the opposite side of the road spots the incident, running into the path of the race to clear the bike.

While the intentions behind the bizarre act are yet to be known, Modolo confirmed on Twitter that the man had been arrested by police.

More information to follow

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