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InfoCrank announces a five-year deal with British Cycling

Verve InfoCrank
Jordan Gibbons
26 Nov 2015

Verve Cycling will partner with British Cycling to provide riders with InfoCranks for training and racing for the next five years.

Verve Cycling, the manufacturer of the InfoCrank, has announced that it has entered into a five-year deal with British Cycling. The partnership involves Verve providing InfoCranks for training and racing for all GB cycling team across all Olympic disciplines.

If you’re not familiar with Verve, they currently produce two versions of the InfoCrank – both designed for the road. Since British Cycling is very heavily track focused, we think it is fairly safe to assume BC and Verve will be working together to develop a track crankset.

Brian Taylor, president of Verve said, ‘Taking a product from the laboratory to the road is a fantastic experience made even greater when successful British Cycling athletes choose to use our products. Itʼs amazing to see the team push the InfoCrank to its limits to find it does precisely what it was designed to do on the track and through rain, snow and mud, in road races and time trials.

‘The fact that British Cycling agrees with and supports our vision of taking truly accurate power measurement to all those cyclists who are aiming to improve and has given us the opportunity to work with world leading coaches and sports scientists through the next two Olympics cycles, is a dream come true for the engineering innovators at Verve.’

Ian Dyer, head coach of the GB cycling team, said ‘Accurate data will always make the difference when combined with all the other work that we do with our athletes and Verve Cycling has proven to be committed to achieving best in class in this increasingly crucial area.

‘We look forward to working with their team to develop new applications for those disciplines that do not yet have accurate power measurement, aiming to understand and apply all the information that we can gain from the InfoCrank, whilst continuing to look at the innovation of the product.

Verve also announced that the partnership would give British Cycling members the opportunity to access exclusive offers on the InfoCrank power meter.

We currently have an InfoCrank M30 compact in for review and we’ll be posted our findings shortly.

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