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Wahoo buys popular training app Sufferfest

Joe Robinson
9 Jul 2019

Indoor training giant continue its rapid growth with latest purchase

Cycling fitness and GPS brand Wahoo has spread its reach even further with the acquisition of popular training app Sufferfest, the American company announced the purchase sayings that it would help expand its range of indoor training products by introducing 'the most complete training platform for cyclists, triathletes and other endurance athletes,' as it continues to grow as one of the world's leading training companies.

Wahoo will likely better integrate the use of the Sufferfest into its 'ecosystem' of indoor training products, such as its Kickr turbo training and Tickr heart rate monitor, but confirmed it has no plans to change the 'business offering or structure' of the Sufferfest.

Talking of the acquisition, Wahoo founder Chip Hawkins said, 'We are really pleased to bring together the Wahooligan and Sufferlandrian communities. We share a common passion for the performance of endurance athletes and our collective knowledge will provide additional benefits to athletes everywhere.

'Wahoo remains committed to the growth of the indoor training and fitness sectors and will continue to integrate and collaborate with as many leading software providers as possible.'

The Sufferfest started as a small, underground app for real training enthusiasts that quickly grew a loyal crowd that followed its comprehensive set of training plans almost religiously.

Despite the rise of rivals such as Strava and TrainingPeaks, Sufferfest managed to compete and with this recent acquisition, founder of Sufferfest David McQuillen hopes to see the company grow.

'This partnership brings together two companies with a strong history of innovation. Our market-leading content and sports science - together with Wahoo’s ground-breaking engineering - will allow us to develop fantastic new concepts and training solutions for our customers,'  said McQuillen.

'The strong sense of identity that has made The Sufferfest what it is today will remain, and we will continue to work closely with our existing hardware partners to ensure seamless compatibility across all platforms.'

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