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Komoot updates with new Garmin app and HD maps

Routing experts promise enhanced user experience with updates

Cyclist magazine
12 Aug 2019

Cycling navigation expert Komoot has announced major changes to its app to bring high definition maps on smartphones and an improved Garmin app. Komoot, which specialises in route planning and navigation, announced the two changes that will be rolled out to its eight million worldwide users with immediate effect.

The update of the Garmin app will make tracking, planning and executing rides designed via Komoot much simpler on your Garmin device.

Courses will now be easier to find with the introduction of filtering by date, location and distance as well as making Komoot highlights more accessible through the same filtered system.

Additionally, the updated Garmin app will allow users to view bookmarked Komoot collections directly in the app and navigate directly to a saved location via the Garmin unit.

As for the updated maps, Komoot states the new high-definition feature will make the user experience 'even more user-friendly and detailed' thanks to its vector file maps.

The new mapping has improved the visibility and detail of the maps to make following a route via your phone easier as well as allowing users to zoom closer in on the map to ensure the highest levels of accuracy when navigating your path.

The higher quality mapping also provides an enhanced experience while panning across the map and file sizes for routes have been decreased six times over so as to take less storage space on your phone.

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