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Spate of robberies in Ireland's remote Wicklow Mountains targets lone cyclists

Bikes taken and riders left stranded after being driven off the road

Joseph Delves
30 Aug 2019

A series of robberies have befallen riders in the Wicklow Mountains. Despite its proximity to Dublin, the area which constitutes the largest upland area in the Republic of Ireland is sparsely inhabited. A popular spot with cyclists, recent months have seen multiple bicycle thefts following a similar pattern.

Lone riders in the area have been forced off the road by men in a car or van before having their bicycles and phones stolen.

'Ripping someone off a bike and into a ditch, with the bike being pulled off them, is a terrifying experience,' Dublin Cycling Group spokesperson Kieran Ryan told

'They seem to be targeting people on high-end road bikes and then stealing their phones, maybe so they can't contact gardaí. But it's pretty sinister if someone was injured after being run off the road and couldn't call for help if their bike was stolen.

'It's pretty scary to think what could happen.'

The most recent incident involved a rider having their bike stolen from the picturesque Sally Gap stretch. A key entry point to the range, many cyclists will pass this on their way in or out from Dublin and its suburbs.

Normally a crime associated with urban areas, the incidents highlight the vulnerability of lone cyclists in more remote areas. For the meantime, riders are being advised to ride with others when possible.

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