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Lincolnshire couple riding around Europe in bid to promote sustainable cycling

George Smith
2 Sep 2019

The pair will trace the outline of a bicycle with their 6,000km route

A couple from Lincolnshire are cycling 6,000km around Western Europe in the shape of a bicycle as they hope to inspire people to ditch cars and take up cycling as a green alternative.

Arianna Casiraghi and her husband Daniel Rayneau-Kirkhope are currently on the road with their dog, Zora, following a journey that will take in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The daunting undertaking has been in the pipeline for a long time, though. As Daniel said before setting off: ‘We have been thinking about our project for over a year now but we waited to put it into action until my wife had concluded other projects at work.

‘The route was planned by my wife Arianna by simply tracing a bicycle onto Google maps, not looking too much into the details of exactly where we would pass!’

It is much more than an interesting stunt, however, and the pair have spoken extensively about climate breakdown fears and hope their undertaking will act as a springboard for encouraging positive action amongst others.

‘There was a study recently saying that if we carry on emitting greenhouse gases as we are now, within 80 years or so the Sahara desert will extend up to northern France making much of Europe uninhabitable. And yet we see politicians say very little on the matter, and do even less,’ warned Daniel.

‘For future projects, after we complete our bicycle route, we hope to go away on a free route speaking in schools about climate change and promoting the bicycle.’

Photos via Lincolnshire Live

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