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Evoc launches new Road Bike Bag Pro and bikepacking luggage with Boa Dials


Evoc had some very interesting new products on display at Eurobike. Photos: Peter Stuart

Evoc claims to have bridged the gap between hardcase and softshell bike bags with the release of its new Road Bike Bag Pro. 

According to Evoc, the bag's construction is 'soft where possible and hard where necessary', creating a bag that requires only minimal disassembly of a bike - the user is only required to remove the wheels in order to fit the bike inside.

Importantly, the handlebars need not be removed, while also being protected by a hard plastic shield. That will provide a huge advantage to users of aero road frames with heavy cable integration, where removing a bar-stem combo can prove extremely labour-intensive.

'Racing and triathlon bikes are precisely adjusted to body dimensions,' says Evoc's Dani Odesser. 'This makes it all the more difficult if you have to alter or even disassemble the bike for travelling.

'With the Road Bike Bag Pro, we make it easier for triathletes and road cyclists to travel with their bikes because seat posts and handlebar constructions no longer have to be adjusted or removed.'

Evoc says that the hybrid construction offers excellent protection at a low weight – it weighs only 11kgs, including an internal bike stand that can double up as a handy maintenance rig.

The main appeal, though, is that thanks to the soft sidewalls the bag can be packed down when not in use so it can be stored efficiently. Anyone who has tried to squeeze a hard-shell bike box into a small hotel room will understand the advantages.

The lid and base are made from impact and pressure-resistant polycarbonate, and lateral pressure on the sidewalls is diverted thanks to a variably-fixable, internal side stabiliser rod.

The bag is lined with plastic supports (pictured above), which can be removed to make the bag collapse, but also protect the soft part of the bag from external impacts.

Guarding against a different type of insecurity, the main opening is also lockable via a combination lock that meets TSA standard.

Check out Evoc's website for more information.


While not entirely new, we were happy to see some new colourways on Evoc's existing bike bag, and on the brand's range of luggage.

With a careful separation of compartments for cycling kit and a detachable front backpack, the luggage reflects a similar attention to detail to the bike bags.

Boa dials on bikepacking bags

The new Road Bike Bag Pro wasn't the only new product spotted on the Evoc stand at the 2019 Eurobike show, though. Evoc has also launched a new range of bike packing luggage.

Not much new there as every brand tries to get into gravel and adventure riding, but these bags have a key standout feature: they use Boa Dials - usually seen on high end shoes - as the fastening and closure system.

Perhaps one of those ideas that's so obvious and beneficial we're left to wonder why no one thought to do it sooner. That's coupled with some clever design tweaks, such as a sharp tapering of the saddlebag to ensure that a rider's thighs won't hit the sides nearest to the seatpost. Evoc is probably also unique in designing a seatpost-grip that is compatible with aerodynamic seatposts too.

While Evoc doesn't imagine the bags being used for enormous multi-month trans-continental tours, the bags will likely prove a hot favourite for shorter bike packing trips or 'credit card touring,' where a quick and easy mounting and fastening system will be a big advantage.

If the popularity of Evoc's bike bags are anything to go on, this bike packing range could prove a serious contender to the current big names such as Apidura and Ortlieb.

We look forward to getting a set of bike packing bags and the Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro for full test in the near future.