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Watch: Severe weather conditions get the better of riders in the U23 men's TT

Jack Elton-Walters
24 Sep 2019

The look on Johan Price-Pejtersen's face when he surfaces from a massive puddle says it all really

Weather conditions have been a key factor in the men's U23 time-trial at the UCI World Championships, with torrential rain and standing water proving the biggest challenges for riders. Any women thinking ahead to the elite TT later today may wish they'd stayed in bed.

The most spectacular crash of the U23 men's event – which thankfully looks to have left the rider unscathed – came when Johan Price-Pejtersen went for a swim during his effort to make the podium.

Hitting a huge puddle, the Dane quickly lost control of his bike and became completely submerged in the roadside puddle. The look on this face when the water clears sums up the crash and shows the shock of coming off and getting drenched by what we can only assume must be unpleasantly cold Yorkshire rainwater.

The video above cuts too soon, but his support car ploughed into the puddle behind him and disappeared up to its bonnet. His soigneur, wearing inadequate and unsuitable footwear for the conditions then does a little dance as he runs into the puddle, his trainers and feet instantly soaked.

Look how far he slides

A more serious looking crash occurred earlier in the day when Attila Valter lost control and crashed. The Hungarian appeared to hit his back-neck-head on the kerb but got back up and seemed alright.

Before he got up, however, he slid a long way down the wet road. So far in fact his bike was out of shot back up the road when he eventually stopped moving.