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E-bike brand Ampler raises €2.5m in crowdfunding

Joe Robinson
8 Oct 2019

Estonian-based bike company wants to solve the 'urban commuting problem'

E-bike brand Ampler has raised €2.47 million in crowdfunding as it looks to combat the 'urban commuting problem'. The small Estonian brand launched its first fundraiser over September, raising the seven-figure sum through 1,241 investors across 29 different countries.

The total was acquired in five days and will now be used to continue the company's 100 per cent year-on-year growth and transform the electric bike market to make urban commuting more sustainable.

Ampler already offers a range of three electric bikes, starting at €2,490, which contain a 70km-range motor, integrated lights and mobile app connectivity for easy of commuters.

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Building on this range, Ampler hopes to increase its production capacity to 25,000 units in three years and grow its free test ride programme beyond the existing 22 locations across six countries.

The brand has also experimented in getting new people on bikes in pretty striking ways. Earlier this year, Ampler gave three individuals free bikes after covering a 1,000km fully-supported test ride.

Founder of Ampler, Ardo Kaurit, spoke of how the brand was 'blown away' by the public support for the brand.

'We are very happy with the progress of this funding round. As it was the biggest crowdfunding campaign in Estonia to date, we were not sure what to expect, but luckily we were blown away by the massive support from both new and existing investors as we got over-subscribed in just five public days,'  said Kaurit.

'We feel confident to continue our growth journey with all that support we received.'

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