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Scotland recaptures space for people with nationwide ban on pavement parking

Huge benefit to pedestrians & those with disabilities while any redress of the balance away from cars is good for all, including cyclists

Jack Elton-Walters
11 Oct 2019

Thanks to campainging by Living Streets Scotland, part of the UK charity for everyday walking, Scotland has brought in a nationwide ban on pavement parking and is the first part of the UK to do so. This change in the law could signal a welcome move away from the dominance of the motor vehicle on our streets and will also be to the benefit of those of us on two wheels as streets become more people-centric.

Campaigners are now looking to get similar bans introduced in the other three nations of the UK.

This specific campaign and subsequent ban may make no direct mention of cycling but in the competition for space in our urban areas, walking and cycling are on the same side of the contest against the motor vehicle minority.

'This is the first nationwide ban put in place in the UK and represents the culmination of over a decade of campaigning by Living Streets Scotland and disability charities,' said Living Streets Scotland's director Stuart Hay.

'People in wheelchairs, parents with pushchairs and older adults who are currently forced into oncoming traffic when faced with vehicles blocking their path will now be able to enjoy a new freedom.

'It also stands to offer huge savings to cash-strapped councils currently charged with fixing footways damaged by vehicles parking on them.' Funds that we hope can be reallocated to safe cycling infrastructure.

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