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Shimano closer to ABS system for bikes as it files patent

Joe Robinson
23 Oct 2019

New system could bring anti-lock braking to the bicycle

Shimano seems close to developing an anti-lock braking system for the bicycle after filing a patent for the technology. Reported by Bike Radar, the Japanese brand applied for a patent on an ABS system in January this year which looks to have been developed for e-bikes but could be further developed for non-electric bikes in the future.

In the patent application, the abstract described the technology as a brake control device that 'includes an electronic controller that executes an ABS control on rotating body of a human-powered vehicle.'

It then goes on further to say that 'the first speed includes a speed of the human-powered vehicle based on information of a travelling environment. The second speed includes a speed of the human-powered vehicle based on a rotational speed of the rotating body.'

The patent bases itself around the use of an integrated GPS system, acceleration and speed sensors and an LIDAR light that uses lasers to determine whether the bike needs to deploy the ABS.

ABS systems already exist on the bicycle with Blubrake ABS having developed a system on the Crescent Ellie 7-VXL electric bike last month.

Talking to Cyclist recently, pioneering bike designer and founder of Cervelo Phil White spoke on how the ABS system was inevitable for bikes in the future.

'You’re gonna see more of these electronic solutions with these types of high-performance applications,' said White.

'HiRide in Italy [who developed Pinarello’s intelligent rear shock] has experimented with an ABS system. It will fit in the downtube and it works super well. It means you know exactly how far you can push that front wheel before it locks, so you ride much closer to the edge.'

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