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Jarlinson Pantano enters Colombian politics after EPO ban

Joe Robinson
24 Oct 2019

Colombian rider standing for local council election in hometown of Cali

Jarlinson Pantano has decided to get involved in local politics, seeking a new career after a positive drug test for EPO forced him into retirement earlier this season.

The Colombian is standing for election in his hometown of Cali to be elected into the local council. The 30-year-old will stand on the ticket for El Partido de la Unidad (Unity Party) in the east of the city.

His platform will promote new cycling paths across Cali as well as more recreational and sporting activities. 

Pantano has already gained some high-profile endorsements including that of personal friend and fellow cyclist Rigoberto Uran.

In February, Pantano returned an out-of-competition positive test for EPO. The result was released in April and the rider was immediately sacked by his Trek-Segafredo team.

Pantano then retired from cycling in June after the UCI handed the rider a ban, citing he was not willing to fight the ban despite pleading his innocence.

'I never thought I’d end my career like this. I feel cheated. I am not asking anyone to forgive me because I am innocent,' said Pantano said earlier this year.

'I’ve decided to not keep fighting against the UCI because it costs a lot of money. I don’t think it’s worth it to spend all of my family’s money for an answer they will give me in one or two years.'

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