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Strava updates maps with better details for cyclists

Joe Robinson
30 Oct 2019

Contour lines and trail names should make it better for cyclists and runners

Strava has updated its mapping capabilities to give finer on-screen details for cyclists and runners. Working with Mapbox, specialists in custom map design, the popular trainer app has introduced a wave of new features like elevation contour lines, trail names and improved route tracking.

It is part of a push from Strava to make its mapping systems more suited to cyclists and runners who are usually looking for more than an A to B route guidance.

For example, Strava mapping will now show elevation in order to give users better insight as to whether they will be riding uphill or on a flat road. It will also further determine whether roads and trails are suitable for use by cyclists, too.

'We are thrilled to share this significant upgrade with our members, with more terrain detail and improved accuracy and aesthetics of how GPS tracks appear,' said Strava CEO James Quarles.

Mapbox CEO Eric Gunderson was also extremely excited with the collaboration saying, 'Mapbox is a mapping leader and we’re excited about the athlete optimised map that our two teams created for the global Strava community.

'The maps are gorgeous and it’s been pushing me to share these stunning routes even more because they look so good. I’m so pumped to discover new runs as Strava’s community shares their trails and I find new places to push myself even farther.'

Strava will be hoping this update is well-received following the scathing criticism it fell to earlier this month.

The app scrapped the ability to pair Bluetooth and Ant+ devices straight to the app due to a bug issue, stating most users do not use this option. However, many expressed their anger at the decision in the immediate aftermath.

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