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Mario Cipollini recuperating after heart surgery while facing trial for domestic abuse

Joseph Delves
11 Nov 2019

Italian former sprinter accused of pointing gun at his ex-wife required surgery following ongoing condition

Former sprinter Mario Cipollini is recuperating after heart scare saw him require five hours of surgery. The intervention was required to treat a myocardial bridge, a condition that occurs when one of the coronary arteries tunnels through the myocardium rather than resting on top of it, restricting the flow of blood to the heart.

This condition was further exacerbated by a viral infection that caused inflammation of the heart tissue and required surgery to fit a stent.

Aside from his medical recuperation, Cipollini is currently facing allegations of domestic abuse against his ex-wife, including that he pointed a gun at her. He was taken ill after the hearing in the court of Lucca, Italy, and was hospitalised in Ancona.

The current case stems from a complaint made in 2017 by Sabrina Landucci, who married Cipollini in 1993. Despite their marriage ending in 2006, Cipollini is accused of stalking and assaulting Landucci on multiple occasions over the following years.

Cipollini has rejected all the accusations. The case will be heard on 4th December in Lucca, Tuscany.

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