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Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo: the classic race bike goes electric

12 Nov 2019

An electric version of its timeless road bike, Cannondale claims to have retained its leading race performance

Cannondale has today announced the launch of a new Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo; an electric-assist version of its timeless road racing machine.

It’s a significant step for Cannondale to bring e-bike technology into its top-flight race bike and very telling of how this sector of the market is rapidly progressing, especially given that Cannondale already has the Synapse Neo e-road bike in its stable.

It’s a clear indication Cannondale believes performance and aerodynamics can still be just as beneficial to e-road bike customers as those pedalling entirely under their own steam.

Cannondale says it recognises there is now a clear distinction forming between different types of e-road bike customers.

‘Customers for these two e-road bikes will be different,’ Cannondale suggested when it presented the bike to us. ‘The Synapse customer does not necessarily identify themselves as a cyclist but is seeking to use two wheels for fun and adventure and as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

'The Evo customer, though, is already a committed and experienced rider, who appreciates the nuances of bicycle design and who likely still seeks new challenges and hence wants a high-performance cycling experience, just with a discreet boost.’

That ‘boost’ comes from ebikemotion’s Mahle X35, built into the rear hub, which benefits from being one of the lightest available systems at (a claimed) 3.5kg, but most significantly facilitates the integration of the motor unit with minimal disruption to the rest of the frame design.

As such, the SuperSix Evo Neo is based on the very same race-proven chassis as its non-electric brethren that is raced in the World Tour by Education First, and was itself completely redesigned and re-launched only earlier this year.

Cannondale claims the Shimano Dura-Ace equipped SuperSix Evo Neo 1 – its top of the range from three models (see below) - weighs just 11.3 kg (size large) with the same truncated airfoil tube shapes used throughout the frame, along with integrated components like the Save aero handlebar and Knot stem and Knot seatpost to retain as much of the handling and ride feel plus aerodynamic gains as possible.

‘We know that drag reduction has a huge effect on speed and performance in cycling’, says Nathan Barry, Cannondale Design Engineer.

‘This holds true for e-road bikes as well; reducing drag makes it easier to go faster, especially once riders go above the assistance threshold [25kmh in the UK].’

Keeping the cockpit free of clutter was important to maintain the aero gains so Cannondale’s engineers have integrated the power control unit into the top tube with what it calls iWoc. Using a colour-coded system this also provides a visual battery level indicator.

While we’re talking battery life, the integrated downtube battery has a claimed range of 75km, which is in line with its competitors, but Cannondale has also provisioned for a nifty way to almost double the capacity.

With the optional bottle mounted range extender (weighing 1.64kg), battery life can be increased by a further 208Wh, which means the standard 250Wh capacity can grow to a whopping to 460Wh.

The charge point itself is a really neat feature too, nestled nicely in the bottom bracket shell.

Cannondale recommends a 28mm tyre, but as is often the case with stated tyre clearances there’s ample (6mm) clearance around so you could potentially push that marginally wider.

An Integrated wheel sensor (attached to the front hub) that Cannondale launched with its Topstone and SuperSix Evo bikes this summer is another feature included on the SuperSix Evo Neo. As well as logging ride data, it also offers service prompts and via the Smartphone App is another easy way to keep track of battery life.

For more information and how to buy, visit Cannondale's website here.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo 2020 range:

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 1 Dura-Ace - £7,999.99

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo Ultegra - £4,999.99

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 105 - £3,599.99

£3,599 - £7,999

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