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Shane Sutton accused at Freeman medical tribunal of being a 'doper' who stored testosterone

Shane Sutton
Joe Robinson
12 Nov 2019

An explosive afternoon in the Freeman medical hearing sees former BC coach Sutton accused of being a liar

Former Team Sky and British Cycling coach Shane Sutton has been accused of being a 'liar', 'doper' and storing banned 'testosterone vials in a fridge' during the medical tribunal into Dr Richard Freeman.

The medical hearing being held in Manchester has been investigating allegations that former British Cycling and Team Sky doctor ordered banned testosterone patches to the Manchester Velodrome in 2011 to improve the performance of an athlete.

Freeman admits making the order but claimed he was bullied by Sutton into doing so in order to treat erectile dysfunction.

The Australian was put in front of the hearing this afternoon to be examined by the defence. Freeman's legal counsel Mary O'Rourke QC then proceeded to make the allegations.

'Our case about Mr Sutton is that he’s a habitual and serial liar. He’s a doper, with a doping history,' O'Rourke told the hearing.

She then further questioned Sutton's own career as a professional cyclist during the 1980s and 1990s and whether he had read previous accounts about doping in cycling such as books by Floyd Landis.

In an incredible reply, Sutton claimed to have 'never read a book in my life' and that his 'career spanned 100 tests' with every control returning negative.

He then stated, 'You have called me a serial liar but you don’t even know me. I just think you are totally out of order. An apology would be nice given you don’t even know me.

'I am prepared to take a lie detector test and my 12-year-old son who can read the crap in the papers. You’re the bully. As far as I am here, I am here to answer questions about the testosterone patches.'

Sutton then referred to Freeman, who has been placed behind a screen due to being a vulnerable witness, questioning his honesty for not being able to look him in the eye.

The hearing then produced a further bombshell when O'Rourke claimed there was witness testimony that Sutton stored testosterone vials in his fridge, which was provided by an anonymous whistleblower during the Department of Culture, Media and Sport report into doping in sport in 2017.

O'Rouke then read out a text from Sutton to Freeman: 'Be careful what you say, you won’t be the only person who gets hurt.'

Freeman claims that the testosterone patches ordered to British Cycling in 2011 were for Sutton's erectile dysfunction while the General Medical Council claimes they were ordered to help micro-dose athletes.

The tribunal hearing decided that discussions surrounding Sutton's erectile dysfunction could be discussed in public while any further medical issues would be a matter for a private hearing.

After then demanding his wife enter the hearing to testify to the tribunal that he could 'get a hard on', Sutton then stormed out calling Freeman a 'spineless individual'.

The hearing continues on Thursday.