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Velolife rounds out rollercoaster 2019 by being named 'cafe of the year'

Jack Elton-Walters
28 Nov 2019

Cafe almost closed due to council's anti-cycling sentiment wins Cycling UK award

Velolife, the cycling cafe in Berkshire that was almost closed due to legal action by its local council, has been named Cycling UK's cafe of the year. The cafe, which is located on Warren Row, northeast of Reading, found itself under an Enforcement Notice from October 2017 after a complaint from a local resident.

Put in place by Windsor and Maidenhead Council, the enforcement made it illegal for cyclists to meet outside the cafe.

The backlash against the disproportionate response from the council, pandering to the anti-cycling sentiment of a small number of compainants, was led by Cycling UK and British Cycling who worked with the cafe owner and his legal team to get the order overturned.

Common sense prevailed earlier in November when the council backed down and confirmed that it would halt the waste of public funds on the continuation of the Enforcement Notice, a move that British Cycling policy advisor Chris Boardman labelled a 'victory for common sense'.

As above, Cycling UK made the announcement on social media. 'This cafe was a clear winner after receiving 20% of all public nominations! Massive congratulations from all of us at Cycling UK,' the announcement said.

Give your own local cycling cafe a reward this weekend by visiting and supporting - the same goes for local bike shops.

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