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UCI shelves unpopular plans for a 'Classics Series'

Joseph Delves
12 Dec 2019

General Classification for the Classics season had proved unpopular with riders and teams

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has announced it will postpone the launch of its controversial Classics Series. The series had been due to unite 21 of the highest-profile one-day races, including all five Monuments, by creating a cumulative General Classification that would have run throughout the season.

The changes would also have made it obligatory for race organisers to invite every WorldTour level team to compete. Limiting the control organisers had over their own races, along with possibly forcing teams to attend races they had little interest in, the proposals had proved unpopular all round.

Parking the proposal, the UCI explained: 'The decision will give time to build this new series together with all the parties involved. The principle of this series had been unanimously agreed by stakeholders in September 2018.

'Convinced of the merit of this new series, that would provide a source of additional revenues distributed between concerned parties thanks to improved exposure of one-day races, the UCI will continue discussions with representatives of professional road cycling with the aim of a rapid launch.'

However, given the proposals’ initial reception, the amount of time necessary for this rapid launch may prove sizable.

The Association of Men’s Professional Road Cycling Teams (AIGCP) had come out strongly against the proposals. In part because of the testy relationship between the organisation and the UCI over the distribution of revenue from races.

The organisation had even gone so far as to ban its members from associating with the Classics Series without the express consent of their team.

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