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Watch: Riding 500km, coast to coast in one ride

Joe Robinson
15 Dec 2019

Gus Morton headed through the northern national parks to ride from coast to coast in one ride

Coast to coast, from east to west across the northern reaches of England through its grandest national parks, the Moors, Dales and the Lake District. An appealing prospect for a few days of riding across the summer months.

A daunting one if it’s one continuous ride during the winter. The very task that Gus Morton, brother of WorldTour explorer Lachlan, rode on behalf of British kit manufacturer Albion.

A single 500km rider with over 10,000 metres of vertical ascent, riding through the night with only the occasional stops for a stretch and a sandwich.

Morton’s ride begins in the Yorkshire Moors with all the reckless abandon of Catherine and Heathcliff, starting in Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast dancing over the likes of Egton High and Rosedale Chimney.

It hits the heady height of the Dales after 100km taking on its greatest hits one after the other - Greenhow, Park Rash, Oxnop, Buttertubs, Coal Road and White Moss.

From the Moors comes Kendal, some mint cake, and the winding roads of the Lake District where the weather becomes unrelenting and the riding bleak. But perseverance and brute strength eventually get Morton over Whinlatter Pass, into Workington and onto the finish on the west coast of the UK.

The video above tells you how tough it is, and much better than my second-hand account could do here so just watch the video, it’s quite good.

Although, it’s worth saying that bolting deer and horizontal rain are quite the combination of challenges.

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