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Greg LeMond is about to launch a bike brand using 'revolutionary' carbon fibre

Joe Robinson
13 Jan 2020

Website hints at 2020 release as testing suggest 'high-performance low-cost carbon fibre to the global market'

Greg LeMond looks to be launching a new bike brand later this year, producing a new carbon fibre for bikes that will bring 'high-performance low-cost carbon fibre to the global market.'

An articled from Composites Today reported that independent testing an of LeMond's carbon material by Deakin University in Australia found this new manufacturing process to lower production costs without compromising quality.

'LeMond and Deakin University are teamed to commercialise this innovative technology which enables reductions of 75% and 70% in Capex and energy consumption per kilo of output respectively,' Composites Today reported.

'The rapid oxidation process enables LeMond to produce carbon fibre with the lowest embodied energy of any standard PAN-based carbon fibre available today.'

The successful testing led LeMond to release a statement regarding this new, exciting venture.

'This is a significant milestone for our company. Having our technology independently verified by BV validates the revolutionary nature of our technology,' said LeMond.

'My team and I are excited to bring our high-performance low-cost carbon fibre to the global market and look forward to expanding into new markets where the current high cost of carbon fibre has been a significant barrier to adoption.'

On the brand's website, LeMond Carbon claims it will work on providing the material to more than the bicycle industry providing 'a new level of supply to fuel growth markets including the transportation, renewable energy, infrastructure repair, and aerospace industries.'

It also claimes it will work to more than just reducing cost, also helping to reduce facility size, lower energy use and reduce capital expenditure.

Within the site, there is a section for 'LeMond' bikes which hints at the release of five variations for 2020 - a road bike, a flat handlebar commuter, a mountain bike and two e-bikes.

LeMond is not the only former pro rider looking to enter the bike market this year. Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso hinted at a new disc-equipped bike set to be launched soon after releasing a cryptic video on their Instagram pages.

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