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Specialized donates to Australian fires relief with Tour Down Under range

Joe Robinson
15 Jan 2020

The brand has donated $100,000 to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation

Vast wildfires spread through Australia at the end of 2019 and continue to burn. Destroying everything in their path, they've left a trail of devastation across the country.

The worst of is hopefully over yet during the last month an estimated 10 million hectares of bush, forest and park have burned claiming 28 human lives and 480 million animals.

Fire services worked around the clock to fight the fires and save lives but with the problem on such a grand scale, more was needed, especially in terms of preserving wildlife.

Putting their lives in danger, thousands of volunteers joined the fight to not just stop Australia burning but help save the wildlife at risk.

Volunteer service WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation answered 20,000 calls with its volunteers attending over 3,300 animal rescues during the fires.

The worst looks to have passed but the fires are still burning and support is still needed, so Specialized is giving us cyclists a way to raise awareness.

Marking the start of the cycling season at the Tour Down Under, Specialized has launched its new Down Under Collection.

The range is inspired by the Australian Budgie, a bird that has felt the full effects of the fires, with the use of yellow and blue hues throughout the collection.

In the UK, riders will be able to buy the special edition Allez Sprint Disc frameset, S-Works 7 shoes, Evade II helmet and budgie cap, all of which are the same as their usual retail price.

The collection is available to purchase now with the shoes in stock from late January.

And to recognise the hard work of all those volunteer firefighters at WIRES, Specialized has donated $100,000 in support. To donate to WIRES, click here.