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Italian ProTeam riders banned from using power meters

Joe Robinson
23 Jan 2020

Vini Zabu-KTM team manager wants riders to stop racing like 'robots'

It has long been argued that the inclusion of power meters and heart rate monitors has taken the excitement out of racing. Allowing professional riders to judge efforts to the numbers on their computer rather than the feelings in their legs, taking away a sense of jeopardy.

One of those power meter naysayers happens to be Luca Scinto, team manager of Italian ProTeam, Vini Zabu-KTM, formerly known as Neri Sottoli.

Scinto's dislike of riders using power meters has got to such an extent that he has now banned his riders for using them this season.

Talking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Scinto claimed that some riders had become 'obsessed' with riding to numbers and that this new ban would give his riders greater freedom during a race.

'We have banned them,' Scinto told Gazzetta dello Sport. 'Many riders were obsessed with the numbers ​​and were influenced. I’m done with it, I want them to be able to ride around freely. It is good to use the meters during training because then you can improve yourself.'

He then went on to say that riders often used their power numbers as an excuse for underperforming saying he was 'fed up when I heard "I was doing 400 watts but still lost" and "I am not putting out more than 300 watts so I have had a bad day" and "my heart rate is not going up, so I am tired."'

Scinto raised the issue with his team leader, former Italian National Champion Giovanni Visconti, and was pleased to see agreed with the ban. While some of his riders are opposed to the ban, he believes its the way forward.

'I don’t want to lead robots, but riders who listen to their bodies and can control themselves,' Scinto added.

'I know there will be some dissatisfaction in the beginning, and there has already been some, but our leader Visconti immediately agreed with me. We are heading this way with conviction.'

Vini Zabu-KTM will return to the Giro d'Italia in May having missed out on a wildcard invite in 2019.

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