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Dutch cycling team to sail across the EU's newest border for ride in Brexit Britain this weekend

Jack Elton-Walters
29 Jan 2020

BEAT Cycling to take overnight ferry on Friday, awaking for a ride on the other side of the EU's newest border

Despite the UK officially exiting the European Union at midnight (Brussels time) on Friday night, the transition period means little is likely to change in terms of borders and rights until at least the end of the year. However, Dutch team BEAT Cycling plans to mark the occasion with what will be a foray outside of the EU for a ride in Brexit Britain.

The main event of the whole endeavour will be the Burning Brexit Ride, a 135km route around Yorkshire after the group disembarks the ferry in Hull early on Saturday morning.

The highlight of the route arguably will be the Grand Prix Boris Johnson. However, BEAT warns that riders should 'beware, because there is a good chance that the sprint will be postponed several times'.

Perhaps they could mark 350m to go with a big red bus, only for the finish line to be elsewhere and not as promised.

With tongue firmly in cheek, the event website includes smallprint absolving the organisers of responsibility should the participants get stuck the wrong side of the North Sea once the ride finishes on Saturday evening.

'Participation at your own risk. BEAT is not liable for unexpectedly being unable to return to the Netherlands due to the unclear consequences of Brexit with regard to people movement and right of residence.'

Such an occurrence is, of course, unlikely – at least in the short term anyway. Down the line, it equally remains to be seen whether the British passengers on the ferry might themselves find border crossings more difficult in future.

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