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Watch: Rui Costa offers explanation to 'push' that appeared to cause crash

Joe Robinson
6 Feb 2020

Portuguese rider caused a major crash after appearing to push Team NTT's Reinart Jacques van Rensburg

Former World Champion Rui Costa has offered an explanation as to why he appeared to cause a major crash on Stage 2 of the Saudi Tour. Television footage caught the UAE-Team Emirates rider, who is currently leading the race, appearing to take his right hand and push Team NTT rider Reinart Jacques van Rensburg while racing in the peloton.

The push caused Van Rensburg to crash, bringing down other riders around him.

The action was seen on the television coverage and caused Team NTT rider Romain Kreuziger to tweet a video of the incident with the accompanying caption: 'I think using hands is not correct, even having the leader’s jersey. I hope the UCI will see this video.'

At first sight, the crash that took place with 12km left to race seemed to be solely Costa's fault, however, the Portuguese rider has since taken to his own social media accounts to offer his side of the story.

'Feeling sad about the crash during the stage of the mate from NTT, which led to the accidental crash of other riders,' Costa wrote.

'I would like to clarify that it was Van Rensberg who accidentally came to my side and my gesture was to protect myself from a crash. After the stage, Van Rensburg came personally to our bus to clarify that this situation happened due to a teammate touch him and his gesture is really appreciated.

'Everything is clear to both of us and hope it's also to everybody.'

In a separate incident earlier in the stage, Mark Cavendish suffered a puncture wound to his leg after a crash 70km away from the finish. The Manxman was able to remount his bike and finish the stage.