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Haute Route and Zwift launch online Haute Route Watopia

Tough mutli-stage sportive to debut in virtual world of Zwift

Joe Robinson
19 Feb 2020

The Haute Route is one of the hardest events an amateur can do. A multi-day sportive around some of Europe and the world's grandest mountain ranges, it's as close to the experience of being a pro rider as you are likely to ever get.

And with this spirit in mind, Haute Route has partnered with Zwift to create the inaugural Haute Route Watopia, 'the world’s most challenging virtual 3-day stage event'.

It will challenge Zwift users to three consecutive days of tough riding on the virtual training game in a challenge that will put your legs, concentration and backsides to the test. 

Based around Zwift's fictitious volcanic island Watopia, all three days will contain a fair whack of climbing as you compete against yourself and others.

The first day of riding will be 48km and will take on the 'Three Sisters' route, a total elevation gain of 890m that combines the Watopia KOM, Epic KOM and Volcano climb.

With the legs loosened up, the second day is the 'Tour of Fire and Ice'. Only 25km long, riders will take a quick loop of the volcano roads before taking on the mighty Alpe du Zwift.

The game's answer to Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps, it climbs at 8.2% for 12.6km, gaining 1,166m in elevation, an effort that may break some.

Then, the final day, will be the 'infamous' Pretzel route around Watopia Island. The longest stage at 72km, it climbs for 1,333m and is certainly set to sort the wheat from the chaff.

As payment for your hard work, all finishers will unlock a Le Col Haute Route finishers kit to wear in the game, an outfit that we think could prove to be quite rare in the Zwift community.

You will also be entered into a competition to win some Le Col kit and entry to the actual Haute Route event (something that would probably prove easier than these three days on the turbo trainer).

Director of the Haute Route, Julie Royer, believes that taking the Haute Route online opens up a world of possibilities for the series.

'Haute Route has developed a world-renowned reputation for delivering the most challenging events in the most exotic locations around the world,' said Royer.

'The virtual world opens up entirely new possibilities never seen before. Haute Route Watopia will allow more people from around the world to experience the thrill of an Haute Route event.'

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