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UAE Team Emirates sent to the opticians for clear view of the racing season

Joseph Delves
19 Feb 2020

Eyes on the road as squad get checked out ahead of the new season

The UAE Team Emirates squad got a visit from the ophthalmologist at their recent pre-season training camp in Benidorm. A bit like starting at school, the entire staff was subject to a check-up to ensure the eyes of each were healthy. Leaving none with an excuse not to start their campaign with a clear view of the road ahead, any prescriptions needed were then popped directly into the riders’ Scicon sunglasses.

Given the emphasis on optical clarity hammered on about by most sunglasses manufacturers, it’s probably a good idea to ensure the riders can see clearly in the first place.

Although it’s hard to think of a single spectacle-wearing pro post-Laurent Fignon, many probably make-do with contact lenses - especially if they’ve got to keep their sponsors happy.

By comparison, this year UAE Team Emirates riders’ Sports AeroComfort and AeroTech eyewear will be tailored to the wearer via an optical adaptor or direct inframe technology.

Assessed on their bikes, riders including Fernando Gaviria, Fabio Aru, Alexander Kristoff, Diego Ulissi and Tadej Pogacar should benefit from lenses fitted to match their position when cycling, as opposed to sitting or standing.

Claudio Fantin, Scicon Marketing Strategist explains: 'I’ve been working in the industry and attending races for over 20 years now and we’re the first company in the world to carry out such detailed eye examinations with athletes in riding position during their pre-season training camps.

'With this, we’re looking to take a small step and make a big difference for rider safety and how rider vision is considered.'

The same technology is available to consumers keen to ensure their vision remains as sharp as possible without having to resort to contact lenses. Although it’s probably best to ask your local optician before you to drag a turbo trainer into their examining room.