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Spengle releases one-off 24-carat gold time-trial wheels

Joe Robinson
21 Feb 2020

The wheels are completely rideable although they will cost you £7,900

There are bike upgrades and then there's buying a 24-carat gold tri-spoke time-trial wheelset. That's right, wheel specialist Spengle has created a limited edition tri-spoke wheelset that has been covered in 24-carat gold leaf over its carbon monocoque layup as part of its 'Collections' range.

Safe to say it took plenty of work hours to complete the wheelset, since the individual flakes of gold were applied by hand, piece-by-piece. The gold leaf itself was actually delivered as far back as June 2019. 

Unlike the rest of the Collections range, there has understandably only been one of the gold editions made to date. However the wheels are fully rideable and Spengle will even hand-courier the set to your front door.

Considering it's laced in gold, the Spengle wheelset isn't unreasonably priced either. The current price is listed as 10,000CH, which converts to around £7,900. Not bad for a pair of gold wheels, we think.

If you want to see before you buy, Spengle will be taking the wheels on the road over the coming months and will be at both the London Bike Show in late March and Bespoked bike show in Bristol in early May.

'The bicycle wheel represents a unique visual canvas – kinetic art in its most pure form. Art and sport are both deep passion points and with Spengle Gold we saw an opportunity to blend these two worlds together,' said Srengle CEO Pius Brauchart.

'There’s something very compelling in mixing the traditional craftsmanship of hand-laid gold leaf with cutting edge materials science, and it has resulted in a visually stunning wheel.'

If gold is a little bit gaudy (or expensive) for you, you could opt for the irridescent alternatives or even the 'Molten Lava' set with its sparkly paint scheme that 'dances before your eyes, shimmering as if the earth's core is moving before you.'

As for potential buyers, off the top of our heads we can imagine these wheels going down a treat for the likes of former road race Olympic Champion Alexander Vinokourov, Garage DJ Goldie or even jewellery-draped darts legend Bobby George. 

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