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Zipp Tangente G40: Brand new 40mm gravel tyre

13 Mar 2020

Zipp expands its tyre offering onto dirt with its first gravel specific tread, and it says, the G40 is fast, durable and ready for anything

Adding to its already well-established Tangente road tyre line-up, the Zipp Tangente G40 tyre is the brand’s first foray into off-road rubber, purpose built for mixed terrain use on gravel bikes.

It’s perhaps to be expected from a brand well known for delivering speed that Zipp has opted for a fast-rolling, close-packed, chevron centre tread pattern, which should maintain a quick feel over the majority of hard-packed surfaces, including tarmac.

The tread gets more spaced and blocky towards the shoulders and especially on the edges to dig in and provide grip on softer terrain, especially in turns, and give the tyre the versatility that Zipp was keen to deliver.

Durability, Zipp says, was a priority and as such there is bead-to-bead puncture protection, but not at the cost of suppleness that’s important for lower rolling resistance, ride feel and grip.

Long time Zipp-sponsored athlete, and ex multi-time U.S. Cyclocross National Champion, Jeremy Powers, was instrumental in the G40’s development.

‘They are bulletproof. If I was going to ride in Iceland, this is the tyre I would take with me, not a question in the world. It has excellent grip and it ploughs over big rocks,’ he commented.

One size fits all

Initailly Zipp is releasing the G40 in just one size, you’ve guessed it: 700x 40mm. It says, this is because it found this size to be the perfect middle ground for speed, comfort and grip. The likelihood is, though, more will follow, and maybe other tread patterns too? Who knows?

The Zipp Tangente G40 gravel tyre will cost £64 each, and will be available in shops from April.