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Check out Oliver Naesen's massive 365km training ride on Strava

Joe Robinson
19 Mar 2020

The Flandrian is not letting the lack of races stop him from riding him bike lots

AG2R La Mondiale Spring Classics specialist Oliver Naesen is not letting the lack of racing get in his way after ticking off a 365km training ride.

With it looking likely that his native Belgium may enforce some kind of lockdown on recreational cycling and facing the same circumstances as his Spanish counterparts, Naesen left his Flandrian home at 05:30 on Wednesday morning for a last hurrah and this mammoth 12-hour ride.

After getting home, the Milan-San Remo podium finisher posted his ride to Strava, which only made us at Cyclist jealous, as we are currently all working from home but unable to go out riding all day.

Taking on the spin with friend Maxim Priard, Naesen kept up a steady 30.4kmh average speed for the entire day, averaging a respectable 182w for the duration too.

Starting just outside Brussels, Naesen's loop took in the outskirts of Antwerp and Bruges before heading past the town of Geraardsbergen on the way home.

To put it into perspective, the distance Naesen covered would have got him from London to Wigan via Manchester.

What is more remarkable is that comparing his moving time of 12 hours 3 minutes to his elapsed time of 12 hours 51 minutes, it seems that both Naesen and Priard only took 48 minutes for cafe stops and comfort breaks.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that if I was to go on a 12-hour ride, I would have stopped at a minimum of three cafes along the route and probably just as many comfort stops. Although in the current circumstance, a minimum of cafe stops is sensible.

However, if we are being picky, one thing that we would have done if we were Naesen would have been to tackle some of the famous cobbled climbs of Flanders.

Despite skirting around Oudenaarde and Geraardsbergen, the 29-year-old managed to avoid scaling the Koppenberg, Paterberg and Kapelmuur, keeping his overall elevation down to a tiny 1,302m (with distance considered).

Seeing as he will not be taking on these climbs this spring, the Belgian could have at least tackled them on this huge ride.

Obviously, this is all in jest and it is great to see the likes of Naesen are still enjoying riding their bike even if they have no races to prepare for in the near-future, so chapeau!