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Rapha has released these Classic Country jerseys and they are class

Joe Robinson
19 Mar 2020

To celebrate 50 years since the World Championships in Leicester, have these exquisite merino jerseys

Right, let’s try and park the coronavirus stuff for a minute, the worries of isolation, boredom and the like, and let’s talk about some interesting cycling news.

Do you remember the days before Rapha was all about bike packing and pockets on your bibshorts? When the thing that got us all going wild for this British brand was its modern-vintage attire?

Waiting with bated breath until the next latest and greatest old school jersey was released?

Now this working from home malarky may have made that Rapha we remember seem even further away (I’ve honestly lost track of what day of the week it is), but this latest drop reminds me good and proper of those old days.

Rapha has launched a quintet of ‘Classic Country jerseys’, all made out of the finest merino wool, based upon the heritage jerseys of five different European nations.

The five jerseys are modelled on the old national kits of Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark, and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the 1970 road race World Championships held in Leicester.

After 271km of racing, four riders jostled it out for the rainbow jersey. Eventually, Jean-Pierre Mosere of Belgium turned Leif Mortensen of Denmark and Felice Gimondi of Italy in the sprint as Les West of Great Britain rolled over the line in a valiant fourth.

To mark this battle for rainbow, Rapha’s five kits are reworks of these minimalist kits in a high-quality RPM150 merino wool blend. (As to why a Dutch jersey has been recreated, we are unsure although we are not complaining.)

While the British, Danish, Dutch and Italian jerseys are traditional full-zip jerseys cut in a relaxed ‘classic’ fit, the pièce de résistance lies within the special edition Belgian jersey.

Really harking back to the 1970s, the jersey borrows that infamous light blue tone worn by the Belgians with the red, yellow and black tricolour across the chest and on the sleeve cuff. And for that added notch of authenticity, the jersey is also a half-zip.

Completing the special edition drop is also a ‘Roeselare’ cap made to recognise eventual winner Mosere who is the second-youngest World Champion ever after fellow Belgian Karel Kaers.

The Belgian Special Edition jersey will cost £140 while the further four Classic Country jerseys will cost £120. The special edition cap is £30 and all are available to buy on Rapha’s online store here, now.

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