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Sufferfest releases four-week home training plans for free

Joe Robinson
25 Mar 2020

The training app has built four plans based around training at home

Training app The Sufferfest has launched a free four-week 'All In' training plan to keep everyone fit while under coronavirus lockdown. The app, now owned by GPS and turbo trainer brand Wahoo, wants to help people tackle the issue of protecting their physical and mental health in these unique times.

To do that, The Sufferfest has launched four different four-week plans 'designed specifically for athletes who can't train outdoors or use gym/pool facilities' which aim to 'place less stress on your immune system while leveraging cross-training and mental toughness sessions to improve full-body strength and help you develop new skills.'

The four unique training plans offered will centre around 'cycling', 'multisport', 'yoga and strength' and 'yoga badge collector'.

The cycling plan, likely to be most popular with our readers, will incorporate bike sessions from the Sufferfest app alongside yoga, strength and mental toughness exercises.

The multisport plan will do much the same but be tailored around those who venture beyond the bike in their usual training.

As for the yoga plans, they will be for those sticking to existing training plans but who are keen to introduce new workouts in order to stave off boredom or improve in different areas.

As previously mentioned, the best thing about these Sufferfest plans are that they are completely free thanks to an additional 30 days being added on to the usual 14-day trial period.

To take advantage, all you need to do is create a Sufferfest account, tap in the promo code ALLINSUFFPLAN and select the very plan you want to follow.

From there you will be able to customise the plan and then get working.

With most countries in Europe practising some form of lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, fitness plans like these offered from Sufferfest have become vital in keeping spirits high and installing a sense of normality in life.

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