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Raleigh launches uncapped Cycle to Work scheme covering electric bikes

Joseph Delves
26 Mar 2020

Both staff and employers benefit with tax-savings through Electric Bike Access scheme

Raleigh has launched its own version of the government’s Cycle to Work benefit scheme designed to give employees tax breaks on electric bikes. Anyone wanting to take advantage of the scheme may have found the budget cap set by most operators put electric bikes beyond their reach.

However in June last year, the Office of Fair Trading removed the previous £1,000 upper-limit.

This means the new Raleigh Electric Bike Access scheme is now able to allow savings of up to 42% on the retail prices of higher-value electric bikes.

A booming sector for cycling, the practicality of electric bikes makes them ideal for riders previously hesitant about commuting to work, or anyone with a longer than average journey.

'Now more than ever there is demand for affordable, sustainable transport that promotes good health and wellbeing whilst reducing harmful emissions,' the brand explained upon the launch of the scheme.

'Electric Bike Access will offer a direct relationship with the manufacturer, along with an online shop and employer portal to make ordering and managing the scheme easy.'

Adding to her brand's message, Pippa Wibberley, Marketing Director at Raleigh UK, said, 'The electric bike can be a true alternative to cars, particularly for shorter journeys. Commuters can combine the savings on fuel and parking with the enormous benefits to health and wellbeing.

'As well as the positive environmental impact, the bicycle could revolutionise the way we travel and dramatically reduce congestion in our towns and cities.'

Essentially the scheme lets employers buy bikes for their staff, with the employee then paying it off over the following 12-months. Savings to the individual are primarily made by making the repayment from their pre-tax salary.

On top of this, employers will save themselves 13.8% on the value of any agreements by reducing their national insurance bill.

With no upper limit imposed by Raleigh, your employer might still set a maximum value. Either way, the scheme will offer bikes and accessories from the brand, along with models from Haibike and Lapierre - all of which will be available online or through Raleigh’s extensive dealer network.

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