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New gravel riding turbo trainer launched for those missing the great outdoors

Jump on the Cyclist Off-Road Gravelator to get your gravel riding fix from the comfort of your own home

Here at Cyclist we are excited to announce our latest brand collaboration: in conjunction with Tacx we are launching the Cyclist Off-Road Gravelator. To celebrate the continuing success of sister-magazine Cyclist Off-Road and to satisfy people's thirst for gravel riding during the coronavirus lockdown, the Gravelator will give you all the thrills of a mixed-surface ride but from the safety of self-isolation.

Similar to exisiting cycling treadmills, the key difference is the mixed terrain surface which will test your bike handling just as much as any local trail or disused rail line.

Grab a copy of Cyclist Off-Road, fire up the Gravelator and you will soon be able to imagine yourself riding around the far reaches of Iceland, taking on the Silk Road or just hammering it around your local gravel tracks, which might be currently out of reach due to social-distancing measures.

'This is a really exciting collaboration that we've managed to bring together in just a few short weeks,' said Cyclist Off-Road editor Stu Bowers.

'With most countries under some form of lockdown and the majority of cyclists adhering to the rules of social-distancing, we wanted to bring gravel riding into people's living rooms and garages, and that's how we came up with the Gravelator.

'I've been training on one since the first prototype and despite all my years of off-road riding, I think my bike handling and fitness might be the best they've ever been.'

Pre-order issue 3 of Cyclist Off-Road now