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Cyclist magazine
20 Apr 2020


Issue 100 Editor's Letter

Pete Muir

The 100th issue of Cyclist is about to hit the newsstands and the doormats of those already lucky enough to be subscribers. Hasn’t time flown? It seems like only yesterday we were sitting around a table arguing about what to call our new cycling magazine. We came very close to calling it Cadence, which in hindsight is a terrible name for a magazine, and we were only saved from making a big mistake by the lawyers at Disney.

It turned out that Disney had an animated penguin called Cadence, and although there was plainly no conflict of interest – not many people will confuse a cycling magazine with a cartoon penguin – our company lawyers persuaded us against using the name. ‘You don’t f*** with Disney,’ was their warning. ‘They’ll crush you for fun.’

Seven and a half years later, Cyclist has racked up thousands of kilometres on rides in 52 different counties, scooped 19 magazine industry awards and grown alongside our foreign editions to become the biggest road cycling magazine in the world.

To celebrate, we decided that issue 100 would be a good time to try out a new look and introduce a few new elements based on feedback from readers. I hope you like it. I’ve even finally updated my Ed’s Letter picture, which means I’ve gone grey overnight and acquired more lines than the complete works of Shakespeare.

In truth, a few of those lines have appeared while trying to put this issue together. Thanks to Covid-19, the entire Cyclist team has been working from home, which makes collaborating on a redesign a particularly tricky operation.

It’s a bit like trying to paint a portrait through a letterbox – you can never quite get the full picture and every action is just a bit more to awkward to execute.

Still, if ever there was a time that cyclists needed a bit of escapism, it’s when they are trapped in the house, so we will do our best to keep bringing you beautiful rides in exotic locations.

What better way to get through the isolation than to plan your perfect getaway for the day the world is open again? Until then, stay strong and enjoy the issue.

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