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Reader survey: Tell us your thoughts on cycling in the time of corona

Cyclist magazine
3 Apr 2020

Are you cycling more or less? Will you buy a new bike or put off a planned purchase? Let us know your thoughts in this survey

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. No part of life is untouched by the social distancing we are all having to practise to help stop the spread of the virus. That means group cycling is out for the foreseeable future - if you don't think this applies to you then think again - and many of us have found ourselves using the turbo far more than any previous spring.

For Londoners, the cycling paradise of a car-free Richmond Park was soon ruined by the idiots gathering within the gates for rides and those drafting strangers no more than about 2cm away let alone 2 metres.

Anecdotally, some people find themselves with more disposable income as they save on train fares with the switch to remote working. Others find their hours and pay cut, with luxuries like bike purchases out of the question.

In an attempt to see trends in the hearsay and assumptions, we've put together the survey below to gauge how our audience are feeling about cycling, and bike and kit purchases during these unprecedented times.

Reader survey: Tell us your thoughts on cycling in the time of corona

Always follow government and expert advice, which can change daily. At the time of writing, UK residents are still allowed to ride outside - even in Lycra, no matter how excited some police forces might be getting about their new powers.

Make the most of riding outside while you can. Do it solo. Stay away from others. Don't take risks.

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