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Brompton pledges 1,000 more bikes for NHS staff during coronavirus pandemic

Joe Robinson
2 Apr 2020

Brand has launched a Crowdfunder to produce bikes for front-line staff

Brompton Bicycles has launched a campaign to get over 1,000 free Bromptons to NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic. The London-based company has launched a new initiative called 'Wheels for Heroes' which aims to help key workers avoid public transport during the Covid-19 crisis with free Brompton loans.

Part of the initiative will see Brompton commit £100,000 of production costs to manufacturing bikes for NHS workers while a Crowdfunder has also been launched to help finance the project. The aim is to then produce the bikes at below cost price at its Brompton Bike Hire sister company and loan the bikes 'straight to healthcare workers via the Brompton Bike Hire network for as long as lockdown restrictions are in place.'

All NHS workers will have to pay is £1 per hire towards maintenance costs in order to utilise the service. Part of the new fleet will also be donated straight to hospitals for immediate staff use.

So far £34,299 has been raised via the Crowdfunder which can be found here.

Brompton is also committing to the project despite 'continued high demand' in commercial sales that the brand claimed have risen by 15% in the UK amid the lockdown.

The brand has also said it will reward individuals who help to fund the project with perks such as allowing them to name a bike and even gain free access to Brompton hires.

This follows Brompton's initial plan two weeks ago that loaned free bikes to the staff of the St Barts Hospital and NHS London. Since then, over 500 NHS staff members have signed up to the scheme, exceeding the number of available bikes.

Managing director of Brompton Bike Hire Julian Scriven explained that the popularity of the scheme has led to this latest initiative. 

'We are delighted to see so many key workers able to get to work safely. Now, we want to do more. Circumstances pending, we will aim to build up to an additional 1,000 bikes dedicated for the NHS,' explained Scriven.

'We will provide dedicated production space at our London factory and commit production and staff expertise equating to an investment of up to £100,000, but we are calling on the Brompton community and on our wider community to get involved where they can.'