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Ribble bikes 2020: A full guide to the range

Revamped bikes from a brand well-known for its customisable machines, here's a rundown of Ribble's bike range

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20 May 2020

Always a staple choice of club cyclists, Lancashire-based Ribble has recently undergone a serious revamp. Alongside opening showrooms in Preston, Birmingham and Bluewater, its updated range has been redesigned from the ground up. Now offering a huge span of machines covering almost every conceivable niche, each comes in a variety of standard builds or can be custom configured via the website.

Fancy a wheel upgrade? Get them pre-fitted. Unusually broad-shouldered? Have your bike built with a cockpit that’s the perfect fit. Got one hill that always catches you out? Tailor the gearing to provide the ratios you need. Arriving 95% built, you’ll just need to adjust the seat post and bars, before popping on some pedals and heading out.

With its shops currently shuttered due to coronavirus, Ribble’s staff are still working, giving virtual tours of the latest ranges, and offering advice via video chat or regular phone calls. Despite the recent lockdown, build and delivery times are also running ahead of schedule.

Here’s a quick virtual rundown of some current highlights.

Ribble's 2020 bicycles

Ribble road bikes 

Ribble’s core road range covers both endurance and aero models.  

Ribble Endurance carbon road bike range

Buy the Endurance SL R Series Disc from Ribble now

Taking the Endurance first, the flagship model uses a carbon frame with dropped seatstays and comes in either disc or calliper brake versions. Despite its long-range credentials, serious thought has also gone into making it as slippery as possible too.

As used by the UK’s top-ranked cycle team, Ribble-Weldtite, this team-edition version uses an Ultegra Di2 electronic groupset, along with carbon wheels and an integrated cockpit.

Ribble Endurance SL R Series Disc: Pro Team Edition - £5,499

Buy the Endurance SL R Series Disc from Ribble now

Ribble Endurance Ti road bike range

Buy the Endurace Ti Disc Sport now from Ribble

Taking the same geometry but rendering it in titanium, the Endurance Ti range promises unbeatable durability and compliance. With bang-up-to-date features, an oversize headtube leads back to an equally broad down tube, dropped seatstays, internal cabling, and bolt-through dropouts.

Barely-there mudguard mounts and plentiful tyre clearance then add versatility without compromising the bike’s looks. With even basic builds featuring a carbon fork and seat post, the Shimano 105-equipped version comes in at a price most brands would want for the frame alone.

Ribble Endurance Ti Disc Sport - £2,299

Buy the Endurace Ti Disc Sport now from Ribble

Ribble Endurance AL road bike range

Buy the Endurance AL now from Ribble

Balancing weight and cost, aluminium continues to provide most riders with their introduction to road riding. Combining a lightweight frame with geometry and design cues taken from its pricier siblings, a carbon fork further ensures the Ribble Endurance AL is a capable first racer or outstanding second bike.

With space for mudguards, it’ll also happily serve on the commute or through the grizzliest of winters. Costing just under £1,000, this Shimano 105-equipped build rolls on light and durable Mavic Aksium wheels.

Ribble Endurance AL Shimano 105 - £999

Buy the Endurance AL now from Ribble

Ribble Endurance steel road bike range

Buy the Endurance 725 Disc Shimano 105 from Ribble now 

Steel is a practical choice for touring or endurance riding. Tough, comfy and cool looking, this Ribble provides riders with Reynolds’s mid-level 725 tubing, along with disc brakes and a carbon fork. Less retro than it first appears, it features modern bolt-through axles.

This build with Shimano’s 105 groupset includes the brand’s excellent hydraulic levers and disc brakes. Like many of Ribble’s bikes, mudguards and racks can be added at the build stage, while gearing and finishing kit can be similarly tweaked.

Ribble Endurance 725 Disc Shimano 105 - £1,399

Buy the Endurance 725 Disc Shimano 105 from Ribble now 

Ribble gravel bikes

CGR stands for 'Gravel, Cross and Road’. Unsurprisingly then, Ribble’s CGR bikes can be built-up to fit anywhere along a spectrum. This kicks-off with machines featuring knobbly 650b tyres and single-chainring drivetrains - and ends with more conventional 700c equipped builds using a standard road gearing.

Ribble CGR SL

Buy the  CGR SL Sram Apex 1x 650b from Ribble now

With mountain bike-style WTB Ranger tyres and nimble 650b wheels, in its most aggressive guise the CGR is ready to charge down trails or take on the most arduous of bikepacking trips.

Using Sram’s ever-reliable 1x Apex gearing, a huge rear cassette provides the gears to get over the steepest grades, while hydraulic disc brakes will keep you safe on the way back down.

Ribble CGR SL Sram Apex 1x 650b - £1,799

Buy the  CGR SL Sram Apex 1x 650b from Ribble now

Somewhat more conventional, this Ultegra Di2-equipped CGR build rolls on 700c wheels and sports Schwalbe’s ultra-versatile G-One tyres. With a standard 50/34t chainset and 11-28t cassette, it’s got the gears for regular road riding - or blasting around on smoother gravel surfaces.

Ribble CGR SL Shimano Ultegra Di2 - £2,799 

Buy the CGR SL Shimano Ultegra Di2 form Ribble now  

Ribble CGR Ti

Just like the Carbon CGR, the titanium Ti version can take either 650b wheels or larger 700c alternatives. Allowing one bike to tackle a huge range of applications, subtle rack and mudguard mounts also allow for multiple carry configurations - perfect for bikepacking or adventure touring.

The 2020 model has been redesigned to introduce dropped seatstays for better comfort while a redesign headtube has improved stiffness.

Ribble CGR Ti Shimano Ultegra Di2 - £4,549

Buy the CGR Ti Shimano Ultegra Di2 from Ribble now 

With ultra-wide WTB tyres and a set of 650b Hope Fortus hoops, this CGR build could be the perfect multi-surface tourer with clearance for 47mm tyres. Or just a fun machine to smash about on.

With hydraulic discs and a single-chainring drivetrain, it’s low maintenance and happy to keep working in the worst of conditions.

Ribble CGR Ti SRAM Rival 650b - £2,699

Buy the CGR Ti SRAM Rival 650b from Ribble now 

Ribble CGR 725

A near-indestructible Reynolds 725 steel frameset provides durability and comfort. With huge tyre clearance, the ability to accept multiple wheel sizes, along with mudguard and rack compatibility, means it promises to be ultra-versatile.

Backed by a carbon fork and bolt-through axles, these aim to keep things on an even keel - whatever the trail throws at you. There’s even mounts for a snack-box on the top tube for on-the-fly refuelling.

Big tyres, simple gearing, minimal cost. The entry-level 650b CGR 725 is ready for adventure. With a broad-ratio 11-42t cassette, hydraulic discs, and WTB Horizon tyres, it doesn’t want for much versus more expensive builds.

Ribble CGR 725 Sram Apex 1x 650B - £1,499

Buy the CGR 725 Sram Apex 650b from Ribble

Shimano's much-hyped GRX 600 gravel-specific groupset forms the heart of this mid-priced build. With 1x11-speed gearing, its drivetrain features a clutch on the rear derailer to stop your chain flapping when the going gets bumpy.

Versatile 700x40c Schwalbe G-One tyres then let you further maintain speed over most surfaces.

Ribble CGR 725 Shimano GRX - £1,599

Buy the CGR 725 Shimano GRX from Ribble now

Ribble CGR AL

An aluminium-framed CGR. Again able to accommodate multiple wheel sizes, we’ve chosen to highlight one of the more conventional builds.

The cheapest available, it nevertheless manages to include Shimano’s Tiagra 10-speed groupset, a set of Mavic Aksium wheels, along with Schwalbe’s indestructible Marathon tyres. It even comes with mudguards pre-fitted as standard.

Ribble CGR AL Sport - £999

Buy the CGR AL Sport from Ribble now 

Ribble cyclocross bikes

Ribble CX SL

Using a mix of Toray T1000 and T800 carbon combined with an EPS inner core system to ensure the consistency of the frame’s internal surfaces, Ribble’s CX range is race-ready.

We’ve selected this mid-level Enthusiast model, which features the brand’s Level 5 integrated carbon cockpit. Using a simple threaded bottom bracket, and finished with Challenge Grifo Comp tyres plus a Prologo Kappa saddle, it arrives ready for a season’s worth of muddy Sundays.

Ribble CX SL Enthusiast Build - £1,999

Buy the CX SL Enthusiast now from Ribble

Ribble CX AL

A great way to try a new discipline, Ribble’s mid-level aluminium racer features the same style of tyres and gearing you’ll find on any competition bike. With a Sram Apex groupset, this provides an easy to maintain single-ring drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

Ribble CX AL Sram Apex 1x - £1,099

Buy the CX AL Sram Apex now from Ribble

Ribble electric bikes

Both Ribble’s carbon Endurance SL platform and its aluminium CGR AL chassis are available in e-bike versions. With a discrete 250Wh battery hidden inside the downtube, the oversize rear hub is the only giveaway of the extra assistance the bike provides.

Ribble claims that at 11kg, its top-end Endurance SLe is the world’s lightest e-road bike. Starting from £2,799, this top-flight SRAM eTAP build with Mavic Aksium Elite Evo EBM wheelset clocks in at £5,499.

Ribble Endurance SL e SRAM eTAP HRD - £5,499

Buy the SL e Sram eTap now from Ribble

Ribble specialist bikes

For those whose competitive streak runs to more niche disciplines, Ribble makes a range of specialist bikes covering time-trial, triathlon, and track racing.

Ribble Eliminator Track Bike

Get on the boards for a minimum of cash. This racer is a true track bike, not a gussied up road-going single-speed. With tight geometry, aero tubing and the right gear ratio, it’s stiff enough for any sprint match-up. 

Ribble Eliminator - £699

Buy the Eliminator now from Ribble  

Ribble Ultra TT

Just about UCI legal, the Ultra TT is Ribble’s fastest bike. Designed for racing against the clock, it can be custom configured to match both your existing position and kit preferences. This Shimano 105 level bike still includes 3D printed aero covers to make it extra slippery.

Ribble Ultra TT Shimano 105 Aero Edition - £1,999

Buy the Ultra TT Shimano 105 now from Ribble 

Ribble Ultra Tri 

Ribble’s chrono machine with extra farings and a triathlon-specific waterbottle to ensure the fastest and most comfortable second leg of your race.

Ribble Ultra Tri Shimano 105 Aero - £2,199 

Buy the Ultra Tri now from Ribble

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