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Race director says no to a Tour de France behind closed doors

Joseph Delves
2 Apr 2020

With the Tour one of the few races yet to postpone, Christian Prudhomme says it won’t take place without fans

The three week long Tour de France is one of the few races currently left unchanged on the calendar. Scheduled to start in Nice on 27th June, the likelihood of it going ahead is, of course, impossible to judge. However, race director Christian Prudhomme has now said that there will be no attempt to hold the race ‘behind closed doors’.

It had recently been reported that the French government was examining ways that the event might be staged without spectators.

Yesterday however Prudhomme told French outlet Sports Auvergne that this was not an idea he could countenance.

'In the Tour de France, the most important part is France,' he explained. 'It is the health of the country that counts. I only wish that the Tour de France will take place this summer. Not for the Tour de France itself, but because if it does not take place, it would mean that the country is in a catastrophic situation.'

With the UCI currently having suspended racing in the country until at least 1st June, he suggested the race's organisation was looking at the possibility of changing the dates.

Always something of a misnomer, the idea that a race as large as the Tour de France could take place during any form of lockdown seemed unlikely.

Not just because of the difficulty of keeping fans away, but because of the thousands of staff needed to facilitate the event.