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Ex-pro Molly Weaver is recreating the 130km Dirty Reiver with 1,300 laps of her garden

Joseph Delves
16 Apr 2020

Twelve hours and over 1,000 laps of garden-based gravel riding in support of Women’s Aid

Former Trek–Drops road captain and budding ultra-endurance racer Molly Weaver is going to spend this Saturday, 18th April, destroying her garden in support of Women's Aid. With this year's Dirty Reiver gravel event in Keilder postponed until September, Weaver is instead recreating the distance by riding about 1,300 laps of her garden over 12 hours.

'On 18th April, I was signed up to race the Dirty Reiver, but for obvious reasons, this is no longer happening,' she explained. 'I thought about what I could do instead. From this, the idea for Dirty Weaver was born.

'I’ll now be riding the distance of the event around my garden on 18th April. Each lap is approximately 100m long, so this means over 1,000 laps. It will take in a combination of grass, gravel and tarmac, and I estimate that it will take me around 12 hours to complete.

'Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be doing work on the "course" to make the laps a bit faster, but I am currently intending to ride the Dirty One Thirty (130km). This is achievable in daylight hours, which is important for safety.'

Weaver is completing the challenge in support of Women's Aid. While almost one in three women aged 16-59 will experience domestic abuse, the coronavirus lockdown is creating further dangers for people forced to isolate with abusive partners, or that find themselves unable to access support services.

The aim is to raise £2,500. With 73% of that already donated by 54 supporters, you can push to total a bit further to the line over at JustGiving:

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