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Zipp VukaShift AXS 90: integrated wireless aerobar shifting

3 Apr 2020

Zipp incorporates Sram eTap AXS wireless shifting directly into its latest VukaShift AXS 90 aerobar extensions for a super clean set-up

With modern time-trial and triathlon bikes often having very complicated cockpits, the new Zipp VukaShift AXS 90 carbon aerobar extensions offer a great way to simplify the entire system and remove shifting clutter to maximise aerodynamic performance.

Zipp has effectively housed the ‘brains’ of Sram's eTap AXS wireless shifting system directly within the confines of the aerobar extensions, such that there is no longer the need for the centralised Blip Box control unit that was previously required in time-trial bar set ups.

Zipp VukaShift AXS 90: video preview

Weight, size and price

With all the technical gubbins entirely built in, the Zipp VukaShift AXS 90 carbon extensions still weigh in at an impressively svelte 390grams, but most importantly Zipp’s engineers have retained their sleek aero, based on the most popular Vuka Evo shape, with a 90mm rise.

The extensions come as a standard 410mm in length, but are trimmable, up to 10mm can be removed from the front and up to 90mm at the rear.

There’s also provision for direct mounting a computer head unit (Garmin, Wahoo and Bryton compatible).

VukaShift AXS 90 aerobar extensions are undeniably a super clean and neat package, althought at £750 they are not cheap, especially as they will clearly bring maximum aero benefits when paired with Zipp's top of the line carbon Vuka Aero base bar (£895), taking the combo price to an eyewatering £1645.

Zipp has stuck by using a round 22.2mm diameter rear section, which means they are not a proprietary shape and therefore, Zipp claims, they are compatible with more than 90% of the integrated aerobar systems currently on the market.

The extensions come with Sram’s Clics extension-end shifters already installed and also a lightweight and minimalist rubber grip. Included with the purchase too is a set of basebar Sram Clics shifting buttons for additional shifter placement close to brake-levers.

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